Saturday 14th March This Saturday, the most stylish Las Americas beach club, PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB, presents not just a disco, but an ILLUSION, featuring a mysterious guest from Thailand… The mythical wonder Kraiz comes to Tenerife from Phuket. Electro sound waves electro are reinterpreted – dance and enjoy HOUSE and TECH HOUSE in the hands […]

On Friday 13th March PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB (Las Americas) invites you all to let your hair down and truly relax. As always, a crazy Friday awaits you at the end of the week with the La Loka party. It will get you moving to the tunes of the famous DJ, Chris Hernández. REGGAETON! Dance to […]

On Thursday 12th MARCH, PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB presents the new era of Black Label – #BLTF! A complete reboot awaits you and it’s unlike anything you’d expect… Black Label opens with a new event, where you can enjoy both dancing and exciting shows. There will be rap battles, exciting performances from unique stars, graffiti competitions […]

MARCH 7 (Saturday) The COOL parties are returning to PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB (Las Américas)! Warm up with DJs Aday Chinea, Rayco Santos and Beto Uña. From 23:30 to 6:00 there’s only HOUSE and TECH HOUSE! Don’t miss one of this spring’s coolest parties with the best DJs in Spain. To sum up ADAY CHINEA, DJ […]

MARCH 6 (Friday) At PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB, the LA LOCA party rules! Get ready for complete madness! This time, the madness on the dance floor will be arranged by the unstoppable DJ AYTHAMI CAMPOS and the tireless Dj Ricky Martínez and Mike. From 23:00 to 6 a.m., the PAPAGAYO mainstream will be REGGAETON! Remember that […]

MARCH 5 (Thursday) PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB will host the last “Black Label” party before the beginning of a new era – #BLTF! The last Thursday before a full reboot! Something completely unexpected! Will you be ready for the surprise that the club is preparing for next Thursday? In the meantime, enjoy their familiar format. As […]

29 FEBRUARY (Saturday)  Go to PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB from 11:30 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. for COOL party with the best Tenerife DJs!  This time, the southern coast of the island will be challenged by a provocative DjBen Simington. His music is always fresh. He plays his house music spectrum with Tech House and Techno main lines and always adds something unique to his taste by combining live elements with the traditional sets.  Ben […]

28 FEBRUARY ( Friday) This Friday, PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB organizes its traditional crazy party La Loca! DJ JOSÉ de Las HERAS will definitely drive you crazy with his beats. He is one of the mostwell-known DJs in Tenerife, he has just returned from Madrid where he performed severaldiscos in the capital nightclubs. So now he is eagerly waiting to get the […]

27 FEBRUARY (Thursday)  PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB (Tenerife) hosts its next Black Label party  -  “FINAL COUNTDOWN HAS STARTED” #BLTF   You will meet one of the best creators of URBAN atmosphere - Dj Grokie and a celebrated Dj El Moreno. Dance non-stop from 11:30 p.m. – 06:00 a.m. with HIP HOP/ TRAP and R&B! Relax and get ready for total reload!  Ticket price: 10 EUROS before 01:30 a.m. Pay 5 EUROS extra for later entry.  Entry control – dress code (casual attire) and 18+ only.  Follow the link to find out more: How to get there:  […]

February 22 (Saturday)  Again this Saturday in rampant PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB – the most popular place for rest and parties in the south of Tenerife – a party for daring, energetic, and tough ones.  “All night long” with consistent Dj Beto Uña.  You won’t notice how the time will fly by from midnight to dawn in the hypnotic beats of HOUSE and TECH HOUSE…  Your mood and heartbeats in […]