Electro house

Forest Family, After weeks of discussions, input and direction from state and local authorities, and with a full focus on the safety of our community, we have made the decision to look ahead and reunite in 2021. Sit back from your screen for a moment, close your eyes, and imagine the energy when gates finally […]

Electro house is a genre of house style which is characterised by a heavy bass and a tempo of 125 to 135 beats per minute. Its origin was influenced by tech house and electro. Electro house is distinguished by the use of drum machines, the use of analogue bass (sawtooth bass) and high-pitched lead synthesizers. […]

Acid house is one of house music’s sub-genres, first appearing on the Chicago underground scene in the mid-1980s. DJ Pierre, DJ Spank Spank (Earl Smith Jr.) and Herbert Jai, then newcomers to the music, bought the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and decided to add a bass backing to their own tracks. Ron Hardy, the famous DJ […]

For the first time in Tenerife conceptual party Chinese Row Year by the worldwide famous brand ElRow. After long successful trip around the European capitals the festival is coming to Canary Islands. 20 of April Magma Arte & Congresos will be transformed to the Chinese market, with holly dragons, crazy pandas, good and bad gods, […]

For the date 22nd of December Papagayo Beach Club has prepared the new event of the label +39. This time the headliner of the party arrives from Italy: legendary producers of electronic music Angels of Love from Naples. Their way in the world of clubbing starts from 1990 with the main goal to shake up […]

and also Progressive, Deep House, Latino Dance, Chillout and music of other EDM genres.