CamelPhat is a British DJ duo of Dave Whelan & Mike Di Scala. The world audience got to know it after their single release Cola in 2017, which climbed to the #3 position of UK Dance Chart and #18 of UK Singles Chart, was nominated for Best Dance Recording award at the 60th annual Grammy ceremony.

The musicians’ cooperation started in 2004 when they united as a trio the Chosen Few. Les Calvert was the third member. Before establishing CamelPhat, Whelan and Di Scala released joint remixes under other names: The Bassline Hustlers, Men from Mars, Da Mode, Wheels & Disco, Mancini, Shake n’ Jack. Using the name of Pawn Shop, they released the single «Shot Away».

In 2010, CamelPhat’s first tracks were released on their record label Vice Records. Initially, the duo appeared in public wearing fight masks to make EDM fans esteem music and not the musicians’ personalities. In 2014 their joint project was launched at the address 21 Temple Street, Liverpool, – one of the city’s most recognizable night clubs – Mansion.

Among CamelPhat’s most significant achievements, they ranked 1st in nominations Track of the Season (2017) and House Artist (2018) of international DJ Awards, as well as a win in the category Best Group of British Awards (2018) according to DJ Mag.

They play in the next genres: house, tech house, deep house, progressive house.