Written by on 25.05.2020

Oct, USA, Las Vegas
EDC is a lifestyle. It’s announced as an area free from drugs, it breaks the stereotypes of electronic music fan image, promotes a healthy attitude to the body and consciousness, and, what is more important, it teaches love for each other.

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Idea: Everyone’s a welcome guest.


Atmosphere: To enjoy the music, each other, be bright and free from prejudices – this is what the festival organizers call you for. The incredible atmosphere of electronic music in the open air, mind bending setting, fireworks, notable DJs’ performances and kilowatts of positive energy will be kept in your memory forever.

The festival guests can expect theme areas of various musical styles, even their merenames make the imagination go wild: kineticFIELD, СosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, circuitGROUNDS, bassPOD, wasteLAND, quantumVALLEY, stereoBLOOM. Each of them hides not only a stage but also a whole performance with amazing special effect sand full immersion in the atmosphere. Absolutely everyone can find that very place, which will put out the fire in his heart and make you melt in the rhythms of favorite music.


In the day time, theme tents with workshops, lectures, yoga, dance classes, massage and many other kinds of entertainment are opened for visitors.

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