Farra have rescheduled the main large festivals for the year 2021

Written by on 01.06.2020

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

As is the situation everywhere, the companies who organise large-scale festivals, at both the national and international level, are experiencing very confusing and difficult times due to the global pandemic.

Right now, we do not know exactly how the new de-escalation situation will evolve, either in Spain or, more specifically, in the Autonomous Region of the Canary Islands. We also do not know which measures and prohibitions the government may impose in relation to our sector.

In lacking this information, it is currently impossible to establish new definitive dates for the festivals that Farra had scheduled for 2020, or to maintain all the contracts which have been signed with international artists who at this stage do not even know whether they will be able to fly or even move within their respective cities.

For these reasons, and due to the great logistical complexity of our macro festivals, we must announce that, due to a Force Majeure, we have rescheduled the main large festivals for the year 2021, with the calendar remaining as follows:

I Love Music Festival: Friday (Good Friday) 2 April 2021

Ritmos del Mundo: Saturday 12 June 2021

Sunblast Festival: Saturday 14 August 2021

We have not, however, given up on the possibility that we may be surprised and be able to see everyone this year.

We will soon announce the first artists we have all dreamed of seeing for a long time, and who will finally be able to join us next year.

Everyone who has already purchased a ticket will be able to use it this year, in 2020, if we do manage to hold a Farra Festival (New Year’s Eve included), or for any of the new dates in 2021. For those who cannot attend any of the aforementioned festivals, the cost of the ticket, whether it is an online or physical ticket, will be refunded, discounting the corresponding management costs. This will be carried out within a period of time which is either established by governmental decree, or in the fastest time that it is possible, given the large volume of people and the time required to contact the thousands of people who have a physical entrance ticket (bracelets).

We ask for your patience and assure you that we will communicate all details in a timely manner as soon as we have the information. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. This is just an opportunity to pause before returning with even greater desire, if possible. Our efforts to offer you the best shows in the Canary Islands remain intact. The technical and creative team continues to work intensively on new methods and new ideas to surprise you, and to continue creating moments that you will remember forever.

Finally, we must make a plea for public cooperation and ask you to scrupulously follow the instructions of the health and government authorities.


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