Boom Festival

Written by on 29.07.2018

July 22-29, 2018

Previous headliners include Ace Ventura | Aes Dana | Symbolic

Venue: Boomland is located on the perimeter of Idanha-A-Nova Lake which is one of the most remote parts of Southern Europe. When you enter Geopark Naturtejo, you will find yourself surrounded by a gorgeous lake and the amazing mountain views. If you would like to explore on your own, venture to Monsanto to oversee the entire region.

Reputation: Boom Festival prides itself on being environmentally friendly and self-sustaining. This is seen from the solar energy panels used to light the entire venue to the lush garden filled with pumpkins, zucchini, and herbs. The event has won the Outstanding Greener Festival Award for the past few years to prove they do it best. Boom Festival is all about creating a new borderless world that encourages everyone to love and support the people and land around them.

Atmosphere: Boom Festival is a transformational trances event that brings people together from all across the globe. The event is centered around psychedelic trances music with each style being showcased on one of the four dance stages. Hear some of the world’s best electronic psytrance at the Dance Temple or head to the Chill Out Gardens for afternoon downtempo. No matter your preference you will find a perfect place to relax and connect with the beautiful souls around you.