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Probably one of the freshest, still-evolving even, style. Many consider it a combination of new bass music trends. It appeared thanks to the influence of trap-wave artists, who eventually drifted towards something more lyrical. The main components of the future bass sound are trap beats, a deep bass, striking keyboard progressions or chiptune synthesizers and […]


Chill house can be characterized as a fusion of chill out’а and deep house, which fully formed and established itself as a separate style in the late 90’s.  It has a light, rhythmic sound, often complemented by vocals, as well as funk, soul and disco notes. It is not as minimalistic as chill out and […]



Dear friends! With the introduction of the 14-day quarantine by Spanish authorities, due to the situation that has developed around the coronavirus, all public entertainment events have been canceled for this period. We are monitoring the situation and will immediately inform you when the parties return to Tenerife!


Called the most “deep” and “intellectual” subgenre of house. The distinct musical progression isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, which is why deep house is dubbed music for the soul, not for dancing. But, if you really feel it, then you will undoubtedly enjoy joining the rhythm flow. This genre appeared around 1990, combining house, jazz […]

Calvin Harris has shared two new Love Regenerator tracks. Listen to the new music on MUZ.FM!

Farra World is postponing the “I Love Music” and “Elrow” festivals as a result of the current global situation connected to coronavirus. Festival organizers announced their plan on their official social network pages. Farra World informs you that it has been forced to postpone the “I Love Music” and “Elrow” festivals to other dates: “I […]

On Saturday 14th March, TAO-TENERIFE invites you to “ZUUMBA – 100% URBAN music” After the carnival in TAO, one of the capital’s most important urban parties returns – ZUUMBA! For those who miss the underground scene, this Saturday will be one hundred percent REGGAETON and HIP-HOP! This session features your DJ for the evening; he who […]

Saturday 14th March This Saturday, the most stylish Las Americas beach club, PAPAGAYO BEACH CLUB, presents not just a disco, but an ILLUSION, featuring a mysterious guest from Thailand… The mythical wonder Kraiz comes to Tenerife from Phuket. Electro sound waves electro are reinterpreted – dance and enjoy HOUSE and TECH HOUSE in the hands […]