Burning Man

Written by on 10.07.2020

Aug, USA, State of Nevada, Black Rock Desert
One of the most famous and exciting festivals on the planet is Burning Man, which takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

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The festival begins on the last Monday of August at 00:01 and lasts eight days. The climax takes place on the Saturday after sunset, when a huge wooden statue of a man is burned.
The first Burning Man Festival took place in 1986 on one of the beaches in San Francisco. A small group of friends gathered to fool around and burn a statue of a wooden man. It turned out to be fun, they decided to repeat it after a year, and then again after two. The number of participants was growing rapidly, the madness and freedom of expression grew, thus the holiday soon moved to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where it is still held.
Each year, the festival brings together active dreamers who are ready to create a city of the future, in the desert and without the benefits of civilization, that will completely disappear as soon as the holiday ends. Incredible works of modern art are erected at the festival venue, mutant cars move amongst them, and participants dress up in any costumes that they can imagine. Artists perform, arrange other performances and there are dance parties with DJs around the clock. The festival atmosphere may be reminiscent of a science fiction film, but it’s all real!
The Burning Man Festival does not like spectators – they are, simply, not allowed. Everyone who attends automatically becomes a Burner, that is, a participant. The duties of an ordinary Burner are to actively express oneself and help others in doing so too. Installations, absurd performances and any type of fun, as long as they are unusual, are welcome. Otherwise, what’s the point of leaving your usual life for the desert?

The organizers of the festival don’t even consider creating domestic comfort for the participants. Everyone takes care of their living conditions independently: you can sleep in tents, under awnings, in buses, under the open sky, wherever you like.
The 10 Commandments of the Burning Man are as follows:
• Radical inclusion: everyone creates this unreal, temporary world, giving all of himself to it;
• Radical self-sufficiency: the participant himself is all that is needed for harmonious existence at the festival;
• Radical self-expression: a peak of bright new ideas;
• Donations: everything is free and given enthusiastically, no one is trying to sell their works;
• De-modification: there is complete independence from the economic market, a homogenization of capitalist values and no advertisers or sponsors;
• A community effort: everyone is free to express themselves, but at the same time everyone is united by a common idea and helps each other to implement any plans;
• Responsibility: there aren’t any police at the festival, so the participants themselves are responsible for security and order;
• Don’t leave a trace of your visit: after the holiday, all traces of the festival are destroyed or removed, and the desert again becomes lifeless;
• Participation: you can’t just come to be a spectator;
• The here and now: no one is to make any plans or think about how to use ideas from the festival for the future, it is all to be enjoyed in the moment.
Last year, 80,000 people attended the festival. In 2020, the theme of the festival reads as “Multiverse” and the organizers have said that this year, the festival will be held in an online format. While they don’t yet know exactly how to organically transfer the spirit and action of Burning Man into a broadcasting format, they are working on it. You can join their team by filling out an application on the official website: https://burningman.typeform.com/to/aJQ7y9/

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