Acid house

Written by on 03.05.2020

Acid house is one of house music’s sub-genres, first appearing on the Chicago underground scene in the mid-1980s. DJ Pierre, DJ Spank Spank (Earl Smith Jr.) and Herbert Jai, then newcomers to the music, bought the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and decided to add a bass backing to their own tracks. Ron Hardy, the famous DJ and resident of Music Box, included the track in one of his own playlists and this is how acid house was first introduced to the world. It officially arrived in Britain in 1988, when the Brits initially despaired and were suspicious of new music from overseas.

However, in the summer of 1988 it gained widespread popularity during the famous “Summer of Love” festival. The M/A/R/R/S, S’Express and Technotronic records, which were in the acid house style, soon leapt to the top of the British charts. Wild acid house raves took place where crowds of people wore white t-shirts emblazoned with yellow emoticons or the words “Shoom” and “Trip with aciiid, Where is the acid party?”, carried whistles and glow sticks, and donned fashionable Panama hats, bright headbands, bandanas, surfer shorts, sunglasses and sneakers.

The times, and people’s tastes, were irreversibly changed. Elements of acid house solos have been replicated in other electronic music movements, creating acid techno, psytrance and psybient. Following its moment of fame, acid house is evidently more than just a sub-genre of house music. It is clearly a rare phenomenon, combining unusual rhythms and acid solos with a chemical stimulant. Ultimately, it has acted as a catalyst for the development of electronic music.

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