Black Label DJ Grokie

Written by on 18.02.2019

Do you like “Hip-Hop” and “R&B” music? If so, join to Papagayo Beach Club’s weekly party Black Label by the DJ resident El Moreno.

Next Thursday 21st of February El Moreno will share the cabin of DJ with the special guest originally from England DJ Grokie (Adam Grocott).  His own unique style of blending genres of music but specializes in hip hop/RnB mixing it with reggaeton local canarian public likes a lot.

He arrived from the Foggy Albion to the Island of Eternal Spring and chose the best way to enjoy its all-year-sun: held residency on the boat party. DJ Grokie begun his artistic way when he was 12 and now he is the youngest DJ to ever be nominated for best DJ in the country.

Line-up: DJ Grokie + El Moreno

From 00.00 to 06.00

Entrance price (one drink included): 10€

Buy ticket online: http://papagayobeachclub.com/tickets#!events/64065


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